Intra Radee Intra Radia, 2009-2010
Fat Festival 9, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand

 As part of an annual music festival hosted by Bangkok-based indie radio station FM 104.5 Fat Radio, and in collaboration with Duck Unit under the direction of Thai contemporary artist Wit Pimkanchanapong, Navin Production studio was commissioned for a site-specific project for this large-scale event. Held over one weekend at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani Hall in Bangkok, the project was realised through a band of Chiang Mai painters who created 37 hand-painted movie posters that were reproduced as large billboards. Installed at the festival entrance, the 12-metre high by 300-metre long Intra Radee Intra Radia wall of billboards appropriated from Bollywood films and Indian popular culture. It portrayed the Thai artists, celebrities and staff who were involved in the festival, which included more than 300 performances by renowned and emerging Thai singers and bands.


In January 2010, a mini version of Fat Festival traveled to Chiang Mai for an evening concert at Airport Plaza. Surrounded by a market setting of local products and works by Chiang Mai artists, part of Navin Production’s billboards were reconstructed at the entrance and around different stages.


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