Title: Who is Navin?
Year: 2008
Illustrator: Nikorn Studio
Volume: 1
Page: 48
Publisher: Navin Production Co., Ltd.

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The story of the Navin Party's founding Navins of Bollywood is an 10:34 minute long short musical film directed by emerging Mumbai-based director Naren Mojidra. It combines the painting of a movie billboard by one of Mumbai's last movie billboard painters with the story of a lonely artist's quest for connection and community in an increasingly fragmented world. Navins of Bollywood is a humourous, suspense-filled Bollywood style musical adventure starring Rawanchaikul as himself, a lonesome Thai artist of Indian descent who splits his time between the home he shares with his wife and child in Fukuoka, Japan and his studio and paternal home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Who is Navin? is a biography of Navin Rawanchaikul that bridges into his Bollywood adventure and the founding of the Navin Party. Alone one night in his Chiang Mai studio reviewing old work and reflecting on how he misses his family in Fukuoka and how detached he feels from the world in general, Navin finds a letter on the clutter of his desk. Its from a person who shares his name, Navin. With his curiosity sparked the melancholic Rawanchaikul is intrigued, wondering if it might not be another lonely Navin trying to connect, so before making any other moves he googles his own name and finds a diversity he never would have expected.  Now even more curious, he calls this mystery Navin only to be met by silence, but persistent in hope, he promptly travels to the city of the letter's origin, Mumbai, in search of his elusive correspondent. His journey turns out to be a true adventure complete with Bollywood-style song and dance where Navin not only discovers countless Navins, but in a seeking out his guru Navin Mahaprabhu he finds the deeper purpose of his life: to build a global community of Navins connecting those of present day and exposing the stories of those from times past, which leads him to found the Navin Party. In the end at the home of National Artist of Thailand, while Navin tells the Bollywood adventure to his mentor Inson Wongsam, he is given a medallion that Inson had received in 1962 from a tribal elder in Baluchistan during his scooter trip from Thailand to Italy. A mysterious medallion, a scattered diaspora, brings the ever-ambitious Navin Party Chairman into a new quest to find the Lost Kingdom of Navin.


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