Navins of Bangkok

BANGKOK - In collaboration with the Thai edition of Wallpaper* magazine, Navin Rawanchaikul was invited as one of five guest editors, presenting Navins of Bangkok project for the August 2010 5th anniversary issue. Instead of choosing famous Navins such as Thai celebrity signer Navin Tar, the artist aimed to connect with unknown Navins in Bangkok, who share the same Thai spelling of his name (นาวิน). Covering different ages and careers, 10 persons were featured including two non-Navins; a professional football player named "Anawin" (อนาวิน) (meaning 'non-Navin' or 'anti-Navin'), and an orthopedist whose last name is "Chum-num Navin" (meaning 'the gathering of Navin'). Everyone's profile was featured with colorful photos taken at different locations. There is also a quotation by each person excerpted from an interview conducted by Thai artist and critic Worathep Akarabootra. The intensive 28-page chapter included background information on the artist and the Navin Party project. The production process was documented by Art Pan Kan, a documentary program on contemporary art and culture that broadcasts on Thai cable TV's the Mango Channel.


View Navins of Bangkok published on Wallpaper* (August, 2010)

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