On view at Art Stage Singapore 2012 from January 11-15, "Navinland Needs You: We are Asia!" is the latest project from artist Navin Rawanchaikul. Especially commissioned for Art Stage Singapore, and in conjunction with his participation at Yavuz Fine Art’s booth presentation at Art Stage, the painting installation is the inaugural rallying point for Navinland’s global tour to endorse the burgeoning non-nation.

Almost 13-metres in length, the dramatic stretching acrylic painted canvas is a celebratory Who’s Who of many of the significant figures in Asian art today. Set against Singapore’s rapidly evolving architectural and cultural skyline, Chairman Navin and Navinland’s Founding Fathers, are surrounded by a powerful pan-Asian assembly of creativity. An insightful video has also been produced highlighting the creative process behind this unique work of art (click here for video).

Navinland is a borderless community bringing people together around the shared name of Navin, and to raise questions of citizenship and nationhood. Taking the first step in endorsing global recognition for the growing commonwealth of Navins and Friends of Navinland, the declaration of Navinland was signed by Chairman Navin and the Founding Fathers at Venice Biennale in June 2011.

Continuing in its ongoing mission, Navinland has journeyed to Art Stage Singapore to see how the recent successes of Asian art and culture can be used as a role model to bring greater recognition for Navinland and to shape its future direction. Navinland Needs You: We are Asia! provides a convening point for Navins and Friends of Navinland to come together and unify.

Skillfully brushed by the talented team at Navin Production studio in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, the attendant art community Navinland Needs You: We are Asia! can be individually identified (click here for PDF image of the painting and who’s who list)

Please visit Yavuz Fine Art at booth A02-03. For more information, please visit the Art Stage Singapore website at and

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